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Surprising Common Sense Local Co-Marketing
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How often you're frustrated that there's no way to reach your segment of prospects who live within 5 miles from your business premises?

Understandably it is because you are unable to:

  1. Know the prospects  -  since they don't show you their profile
  2. See the prospects  -  since they don't tell you their location
  3. Reach the prospects  -  since they don't give their e-mail address

PatronPool proposes to work and help you with:
  1. Segment the prospects  -  by their persona profile (demographic & interests)
  2. Locate the prospects  -  by their approximate location
  3. Reach the prospects  -  by forwarding your promotion e-mail with profile-matching

    World 1st & #1  L.ocation E.mail A.ddress P.ersona (L.E.A.P.) Service Provider

The  PatronPool  L.E.A.P.  Service

Easiest Co-Marketing EVER!

Simple, easy, AND highly effective co-marketing here. Just sign-up as PatronPool Biz Member and immediately start to explore for your local co-marketing partner candidates.

Our hyper local geo-based co-marketing pairing algorithm provides you the list of non-competitive, compatible, and contactable co-marketing partner candidates just miles from you. We also assist you manage your co-marketing invitation, request, confirmation. And with your established local co-marketing partners, you all can start sending promotion e-mails to customers with additional co-marketing contents in no time.

The PatronPool Co-Marketing Freemium Usage lets you start your co-marketing truely easily - no payment no waiting!

Promotion Oriented Persona

Consumers, register your e-mail address with the PatronPool L.E.A.P. service and receive promotion e-mails from local businesses : no need of searching and no more miss-out on any good deal within miles!

Create your L.E.A.P. persona to associate your demographics and your promtion interests with your e-mail address. The usage of your good old e-mail address is absolutely NOT affected by PatronPool L.E.A.P. in anyway.

Your persona will show up on the Patronpool L.E.A.P. map/list to be accessed by your local Patronpool L.E.A.P. businesses, such that promotions matching your persona profile will be sent to you by the PatronPool service via e-mail. PatronPool service guarantees that NOBODY will see your e-mail address EVER!

"Promotable" Location

Your PatronPool persona is to be positioned at a location of your choice, and to serve as a target for locally relevant promotions and announcement. Move your persona to a new location if you're interested int receiving promotions and announcement around the new location.

Location is IMPORTANT to your local businesses when sending out their promotions. Your persona location will help them promote cost-effectively to the prospects who are in the "Reachable" and "Arrivable" range.

Approximated locations such as nearby street intersections are recommended as the persona location in order to preserve your personal privacy (Never use your "roof-top" position). Location accuracy within roughly half mile is good enough for the promotion targeting by your community businesses.

Promotion Targeting Chameleons

PatronPool biz / org selects the promotion e-mail recipients based on their PatronPool persona profiles, location, and interests, and have PatronPool service forward no spamming promotion e-mails effectively, with no need of knowing the recipients' e-mail address.

PatronPool L.E.A.P. users can fully DIY manage (Flag, Block, Unsubscribe) e-mails forwarded by PatronPool service, as well as fully DIY manage their persona, e.g. changing the e-mail address, location, and promotion interests, as needed.

PatronPool biz / org focus their promotions on the "Consumer Who" (Persona demographics, location, interests) instead of "Identity Who" (E-mail address), and as such the persona changes are highly welcomed for the refreshing of the PatronPool prospect pool with actual consumer profile changes for effective targeting.

"Unique way to reach high quality local prospects"

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Small Team + Not Too Small Goals

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